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- The powerful processor that has built and currently manage the Project Michelangelo site. One Celeron Mendocino 433 MHz with 66 MHz bus!! The processors of the Celeron Mendocino series has been the first processors that had the level 2 cache memory integrated directly in the core of the processor, and working at full CPU frequency. Not as their contemporary and expensive Pentium 2 that had the L2 memory external to the processor and working at half frequency. Closer relative of the efficient architecture of Pentium 3, the Mendocino have nothing in common with the current Celeron, derived from discussable architecture of Pentium 4. The successors of the Mendocino and Pentium 3 efficient architecture, are the current Centrino and Pentium M processors.



 A global view of the PC, other details and components are:

- 256 MB RAM memory
- O.S.: Windows 2000 sp3
- Motherboard: ASUS CUBX-L (chipset Intel 440 BX)
- Video card: ATI Rage IIC (8MB RAM)
- Audio card: Creative Audigy Player
- Video acquisition card: Avermedia TV phone 98
- 2 Ethernet LAN cards 10 /100 Mbs (chip Realtek)
- DVD rom
- DVD recorder NEC ND3500
- 2 HD 160 GB 7200 rpm, 8MB cache. - Connection to internet through ADSL 256 Kbps and one router





- A little part of the WebFarm where the pages of Project Michelangelo are hosted and to wiich you are connected in this moment, located in Tuscany, in centre - Italy.