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Maritime Museum Tommasino-Andreatta of Chiavari (Museo Marinaro Tommasino-Andreatta)

Responsible for the site Project Michelangelo

Location: Chiavari (Genoa, Italy)





Mario C.  Webmaster of Project Michelangelo from February 2002 to June 2020


Mario's data:


Year of launch: 1972

Location: near Milan, Italy (2002). Currently in Germany (2020).

Occupation: Electronic Technician

Length: 1.65 meters

Displacement: 63 Kg 




By my first sea crossing by ship in August 1982 my interest on the pure sea crossing journeys born and grew up always more. But today, one by one, all the real Ocean Liners has extinguished, replaced by Casino and Luna Park with the shape of floating boxes, which have no more anything to share with the true taste of one travel across the sea. The big ex-liner "France" have become one ordinary cruise ship, renamed "Norway". At present only the Queen Elizabeth 2 still periodically perform the Atlantic route, but after the imminent entering in service of Queen Mary 2 she will pass her last years of life employed exclusively for cruises. What sadness thinking that she would be only 4 years younger than Michelangelo and Raffaello...


Personal Links:


These are my non-liner related links to sites about my personal interests: (only in Italian) : The site of the shelter for abandoned cats in Rho (Milano), which hosts over 100 cats. It is one of the better structure in the zone. Donations from everyone is well accepted. : A very rich site about public transports, trains and TRAMS, the most clean and ecologic transport systems. Also in English language.






  Kalle Id - The inventor of Project Michelangelo:


 On 1st February 2002 for the first time one vast site exists on the worldwide net, completely dedicated to the 2 forgotten Italian wonders Michelangelo and Raffaello superliners, giving an unprecedented plenty of information about their designing, service and the end.


  Kalle's data:


  1983 - Present Day

  Launched: 2. May, 1983

  Location: Helsinki, Finland

  Occupation: student (2002)

  Lenght: 1.89 meters

  Displacement: 83 kilos  




  Launched and subsequently taken into service by Tapani and Paula Id in May 2, 1983. Used in the routes between Kulosaari, Vallila and Pasila in Helsinki. Following the split between Tapani and Paula Id, starter carrying Paula's colours. Entered ongoing educational refit in 1990. Current status: soon a high school graduate.




A large bulk of 83 000 grams. Hull covered in black, very stylish and simple design. Left visual sensor repaired twice because of misalignment. In fall 2001 suffered damage to his left foot, which has been later repaired, but his left foor has eversince always been suspected.




Served under colours of Id family, Mäkelä gradeschool, Aleksis Kivi upper gradeschool and Helsinki Natural Sciences Highschool in Southern Finland routes, mainly around Helsinki. In summer 2002 requisitioned into service of the state.


   Personal Links:


These are my non-liner related links to sites about my personal interests:

Kalle Id's Art Gallery - My other site, dedicated to my artistic endeavours. - Probably the best site in the web about David Bowie (don't be fooled by the name, it's a song title). I'm a regular visitor on the site's message boards.

The TW Ghetto - What can I say? Come and visit us in the crazy message boardm and you'll see... - A great website dedicated to the great musician Mike Oldfield.

Hayao Miyazaki Web - A website dedicated to the works of the anime director Hayao Miyazaki and his studio, Studio Chibili.




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