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Since we didn't originally plan to make a website of all this, we does not remember all the web-sources he have used. If you find any information here that was taken from your site, please mail us and let us know. The sites that we have used as a source are make with the word -Source- (oh, how ingenious!)


The sites most recently added stay generally in the upper part of the page.


Navi d'Italia - A furnished site by Ernesto Bruno, containing informations about almost all Italian ships. Unfortunately only in Italian Language. -Source- - The site of the club of videdeomakers in Genoa that has produced the amateur documentary (only in Italian language) Michelangelo, fine di un transatlantico, fine di un'era" (Michelangelo: end of a liner, end of an era). The site is only in Ialian language. - site by Keith Franson, with plenty photos of cruise ships, but also some interesting photo of some Italian liners. - a great site about ships, with a forum and a large collection of photos sent by the users. -Source- - Blog of an ex-manager of the Italian Line. (only in Italian)


@itsfoto -  A collection of photos about vessels, liners and cruise ships, by Uwe Delfs Jespersen (Copenhagen - Denmark)

-Source- - A site with plenty material about liners and cruise ships. It surely worths to be visited. - The blog of Gaetano Anania. An interesting site about liners and the moder cruise ships. (Only in Italian language) - Site about art, which has some images of the tapestries of  Michelangelo and Raffaello (only in Italian) Caronia II Timeline - Charting the glittering career of Cunard's world-famous
'Green Goddess' - the RMS Caronia. Very complete site by Peter Stevens (Lowestoft - UK), dedicated to the liner Caronia of the Cunard line and to the era of liners. - Site by Roger Pena, where you can buy memorabilia about any kind of transports, also some about the Italian Line. - Site by Barrett Hochhaus  (Arizona - USA), especially dedicated to the naval modelling, ehre you can found other images of the radiocontrolled model of the Raffaello, and many other ships. - A single page but interesting about Michelangelo and Raffaello. -Source-

The Great Ocean Liners - The most comprehensive site about Ocean liners, with great site design and an ever-expanding database covering probably over a hundred ships. This is also the site that introduced Kalle to Michelangelo and Raffaello.

-Source- - The personal site of the ex-Captain of Michelangelo Giovanni SbisÓ. An interesting site about his long career on the sea. (Only in Italian language) - A wide collection of images on liners and cruise ships related to New York port -Source-

Ben Shumin's Classic Liners of Long Ago - A good site giving insight on several liners, although no info on the Italian Sisters.

e Crow's Nest - A great site dedicated solely to P&O Lines' Australian liner Canberra. The site design is simply excellent, and there isn't much about the Canberra that would not be covered here. - A site about the naval models, with a lot of information and maps, but only in Italian language.

-Source- - Another site about the naval models, where you can found reviews about many model kits and other links related to naval models.

Normandie: The Ship of Light - A great site covering the story of the French liner Normandie, the greater liner of all the times.

Yesterday's Liners (Photographs by Paul Klee) - A site with various maritime pictures, and some pics on the Italian Bellezze as well. -Source-

Monsters of The Sea - A good if somewhat limited site on various ocean liners of the past.

Cruising the 21st Century - A beautiful cruiseship-oriented site maintained by Onno Heesbeen. Includes a vast collection of pictures, and designs of Onno's own ship, the Queen Victoria. The site design is simply gorgeous!

Italia di Navigazione S.p.A. - Website of the Italian Line itself. The site offers some information and gorgeous pictures of all the ships they have had in service, including, naturally, the beautiful twins.

Silja Opera Pages - A website by Heikki Kautiainen dedicated to the magnificient Finnish/Swedish cruiseship Silja Opera (also known as Viking Saga, Sally Albatross, Leeward and SuperStar Taurus), which I have had the pleasure of visiting in person. - A finnish website dedicated to the finnish maritime company Viking Line. Unfortunately this site is available only in Finnish.

Silja Line sivut - A sister site of the aboce, dedicated to the Finnish/Swedish company Silja Line. This site (which loads very slowly on my computer) is also available in English (I think).

Tyco2100's webshots gallery - This my webgallery by Tyco, aka Mario C. of  Project Michelangelo, featuring many, many beautiful pictures of the Michelangelo and Raffaello, edited before I knew Kalle and started to work on the new version of Project Michelangelo. - The personal webgallery of Simone Bandini, with images of Italian lners. -Source- - Site in phase of construction, by Roberto Muna˛, dedicated to all the navigation companies in general and their ships, among them the Italia Navigazione. (Only in Italian language)