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Places where it is possible found finds about Michelangelo or Raffaello





- Museums:


   Historycal Naval Museum ("Museo Storico Navale") in Venice - Italy


There is an 1:50 model of the Michelangelo (well I know a little bit about ships, but I can not remember which it really was, so I can only give you the name showed on the model). There is also a 1:50 model of the Cristoforo Colombo (with white hull), a simple 1:100 model of the Leonardo da Vinci, and a very nice 1:100 model of the Ausonia etc . ...the others I can`t remember. The museum definitly worth a visit. (Report by Ernst - Vienna, Austria)


   Naval museum of Genoa (Pegli)


Differently from what you could imagine, the 90% of the museum is dedicated to the old sailing ships, only my one room is dedicated to liners and only the 1% of this room is dedicated to Michelangelo and Raffaello. The only find that worth to be quoted is the big model of Michelangelo (but labelled with the name "Raffaello", as you can see by the layout of the 1s class lido) in scale 1:50 (5,5 meters), of which you can see some images in the photo gallery, section "miscellaneous".


   Traffic Museum in Luzern (Switzerland)


There is a nice, but not very detailed waterline model of the Michelangelo in scale 1:100 (2,75 mt). It is located in the maritime section as a center display of that room. (Report by Lothar Alteweyer, Cologne (Köln) - Germany)



- Various


Model in scale 1:50 (5,5 meters)

- On the cruise ship "Costa Fortuna", in front of the entrance of the restaurant "Michelangelo" there is a model of Michelangelo in scale 1:50 (5,5 meters long!). It might be the twin of the model in scale 1:50, originally built by the shipyard, exhibited at the naval museum in Genoa. You can see some images of the model exhibited at the museum, in the photo gallery section "Various".